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Red Car is a boutique winery focused on producing Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah from a network of cold-climate vineyards located in the West Sonoma Coast.

It was noted for its small batch offerings of pinot noir and chardonnay, as well as a tower of Radio Flyer wagons installed .

Pinot noir (French: ) is a red wine grape variety of the species vitis vinifera. The name may also refer to wines created predominantly from Pinot noir grapes. The name may also refer to wines created predominantly from Pinot noir grapes.

An Australian wine company has analysed the wine preferences of customers based on their star sign to help people experiment.

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Sonoma County, CA- Fifth-generation Belle Glos Wines winemaker joseph wagner has crafted another stunning Pinot Noir. Aromas of cranberry, red apple, toasty cinnamon and vanilla hint at the flavors to come. On the palate bright fruit and light tannins round out the wine nicely. Vegan Read more

Pinot Noir If you prefer a lighter style red wine, definitely consider pinot noir (PEE-no NWAR). Unlike thick-skinned cabernet, pinot noir grapes have very thin, delicate skins which produce a much lighter bodied wine, with a transparent ruby red color and classic flavors of red cherry, red currant, and wild strawberry.

Pinot noir is a very versatile grape, that can be used to make both red and white wines. Pinot noir grapes are light red and translucent because of the water they retain while on the vine. Pinot noir is most frequently used to make red wine; white pinot noir wines are somewhat rare.

The blend is 60 percent pinot meunier, with the rest equal parts chardonnay and pinot noir. I could happily sit and.

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The Simple Life Pinot Noir offers floral aromas with an incredibly soft and juicy palate. The core of this wine was crafted from Clarksburg, California. This medium-bodied wine is cranberry-red in color with a soft, supple texture. Pair this Pinot Noir with a tomato & mozzarella salad or Honey-glazed pecans.